Production process optimization and capacity improvement (OEM)

Publish Time: 2024-01-31
Our company provides assembly and production of wired controller for Guangzhou Shunxing Products Factory. According to the customer's original production process, a total of 10 people in 10 processes are arranged, and 1200 products can be produced every day. Due to the change of customer's transportation mode, the delivery time has become quite tight, so the production capacity of 1200 can no longer meet the customer's demand. Through the analysis and communication of the whole process arrangement between engineers and team leaders, we reorganized and optimized the production process, reducing the number of workers to 8 in 8 processes. Due to the improvement of the balance rate of production rhythm, the production capacity did not decrease, but increased to 1600. It meets the daily delivery demand of customers. Be recognized by customers.

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